As the rural agriculture economy collapses many craftspeople are forced to migrate to the cities in search of livelihoods. Various organizartions works with these migrant workers – re-honing their almost-forgotten skills in handknotting and offers the necessary support like design intervention, product development and marketing aid to come up with a sustainable model to face challenges that threaten the extinction of their craft. The Craft Safari’s latest collection of hancrafted jewllery and accessories involves the painstaking efforts of craftsmen from UP, using a intricate knotting technique called charakkam to combine modern design with traditional Indian Handicraft. This range includes collections painstakingly handcrafted and designed with semiprecious stones, metals, vegetable dyed silk and cotton yarn and uncut stones. Traditional braids, tassels and knots are reworked with contemporary embellisments like chains,rivets and rhinestones, with each piece having a unique story to tell!

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