Copper – The art of fine hammering
The Tambat metal artisans of Pune etch their designs on copper with their unique beaten work. Excavations at sites such as Mohenjodaro show that metal craft was practiced since early times in region.Different metals needed different treatment and expertise which eventually resulted in the formation of specialized groups of metal craftsmen such as goldsmiths, coppersmiths and ironmonger’s. The coppersmiths moved to various parts of india and later came to be knows by various names such as Tamtas in Rajastan, Tameras in Uttar Pradesh,Madhua Prasesh,Bhigar and Orissa,Tambranik’s in West Bengal,and chembotti in Kerala. In Maharashtra,They call themselves Tambats and even though they once spanned the state,they are today mainly found in temple towns such as Nasik and old capitals such as Pune and Kolhapur.

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