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– An Exclusive Craft Safari Journey.

Bhuj has always been close to our hearts, an integral part of our existence. We have traveled extensively through Bhuj- meeting up with artisans, looking out for new crafts and weaves and spending time with them, being part of their household.

The traditional handloom weave from Bhujodi has always left its mark- the more common ones being the traditional cotton 2/60 saree, 2/80 saree and the Kala Cotton drape.

When we first dreamed of having our collection of 6 yard drapes from Bhujodi- it was indeed a difficult road ahead. We wanted to try out something new, wanted to decide on the yarn, the shades, on the tiny motifs, on the tassles and all finer details.

Haresh Bhai, our weaver was more than supportive and willing to experiment. After many discussions we finalized on the “Tussar Bhujodi” where the warp was cotton and the weft tussar. Then followed weeks of discussions on the finer color palette and designs. We finalized on 10 sarees, followed by sourcing of the yarn, dyeing, preparing the warp and weft, setting the loom and the final weaving.

It gave us a lot of happiness and satisfaction to feel the yarn, to experiment and to see each drape being born- the joy of seeing a new dream taking form.

Here is a glimpse of the pre-loom and loom process.

A big hug and thanks to all who have trusted and supported us in this journey.

Team, The Craft Safari