“The Craft Safari presents Abhihaara” event, the enterprises that we work it, about the weavers who create magic on the loom…

The handloom sector in the state of Telangana is pulling its threads together again due to new incentives Tradition often demands a price to be paid to keep it alive but sometimes, the cost can be too high for some. As the handloom industry in Telangana is challenged by industrial cloth mills and their cheaper imitations, traditional weavers, unable to cope with staggering loans and receding profits, are being driven to suicide.But all is not lost yet, thanks to individuals such as Sudha Rani Mullapudi of Abhihaara, a social enterprise based in Telangana.Telangana produces some of the finest cotton weaves in India and boasts of several handloom clusters.The region is well known for its Gadwal, Pochampalli and Narayanpet saris, to name some.


Thank you Mr. Rao for being part of our event.