Riding the Weaver’s Path”- A textile trail through Venkatagiri

Woven into the fabrics of India are stories about people and the colorful land they belong to.After a day’s long drive from Chennai, our textile trail begins from Venkatagiri, a small town in the Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh. Venkatagiri Sari is a sari style woven in Venkatagiri. Woven both in cotton, silk and cotton by silk, the Venkatagiri saris are known for their fine weaving.

The ‘kolam’ welcomes us at the entrance, as we enter the humble abode of a weaver. A large wooden pit loom stands tall occupying much of the space and echoes the rhythmic tick-tock. We are fascinated by the warp and the weft as the weaver lady shows how her hand, foot and mind co-ordinates to create the beautiful buttas on the green saree. She works continuously from 6am to 6 pm with an hr’s lunch break in between. It was fascinating to see the rhythmic movement of her hands though the loom. A saree takes a day or a two to complete.

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